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WHO: A radio station with web broadcast, the Boulder Jaycees, and a bunch of trivia fanatics.
WHAT: Broadcast on KVCU Radio 1190 am and with web broadcast - The 24 Hours of Boulder - A one day marathon trivia competition during which participants have fun and raise money for the Boulder County AIDS Project (see and the Junior Chamber Mission Inn Foundation helping Children with HIV/AIDS (see attached and/or
WHEN: Saturday, August 26th to Sunday, August 27th beginning at 4PM (that's Mountain Standard Time -- 6PM Eastern Time) and running for 24 HOURS
WHERE: ANYWHERE!   Teams will get their questions via the radio, or over the internet on either the "24 Hours of Boulder" WEB site or through Email.

There is an UNLIMITED team size and reference resources.
WHY: To have fun, to help fight AIDS and to possibly WIN one of several wonderful prizes that have been donated for this event.

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HOW: Questions are read over the air at the top and bottom of the hour each hour for 24 hours. These questions are also posted on a website, and emailed to teams, who must return the answers by the end of the hour that the questions are announced, either via email or fax.

There will be 10 questions at the top of the hour on general pop culture topics valued from 1 to 10 points, increasing in difficulty. There will be 9 questions at the bottom of the hour on a previously announced specific topic, with question values from 1 to 9 points. (Total of 100 points each hour). Points during the last hour are worth double, giving a possible 2500 POINTS for the entire competition.

The registration fee to compete is $25 a team.

In addition to the registration fee, we encourage teams to get pledges for donations (either a flat donation or pledges based upon points scored). The teams that get the most donations wins fabulous prizes, provided by local merchants and other organizations.

There also will be hourly prizes for the teams scoring the most points.

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Detailed Competition LINKS
Sample Questions

Proposed Question Distribution


LATE REGISTRATION is now in effect.


To register you need to contact:

    Paul Bailey at (303) 520-0200

The Registration fee is still $25.

The Boulder Jaycees would like to make a special thank yous to the following:
Cornerstone Trivia For their contribution of Trivia Questions
Mitch O'Connell For the background Art Work that he provided us with.

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$10 each or 3 for $25
logo on a white 100% preshrunk cotton shirt
50% of price paid is tax deductible

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For more information send EMAIL, or call 303 520 0200, or fax 630 566 3774